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Chained to the Cloud

Chained to the Cloud

Everyone loves the cloud. We love the cloud. The cloud is that imaginary place where all our business problems disappear, our IT costs vapourize and everything and everyone the a rosy red glow of ecstasy on their faces. But have you ever actually thought about what the cloud is?

Predictions for a wondrous New Year

Predictions for a wondrous New Year

Well 2011 is upon us with a (snow bound) bang, with all the yearly predictions going around, we thought we'd best offer our own. After an intense session of divination research, we’re ready to reveal some rather startling predictions. Don’t blame us, science doesn’t...

What is “Creative”?

What is “Creative”?

A month or so ago, the gang here went up to Edmonton to the Graphic Design Association of Canada’s Edmonton Chapter’s charity auction “a Creative Cause”. It was an art auction raising funds for a notable shelter in Edmonton. It was awesome.

I love art auctions. My wife and I used to go to the Red Deer College “Affairs of the Arts” every year, RDSO and whatever we could. I was excited to go just for the experience, but also because I had donated some work to the show. It’s an odd thing for me, really – to have produced a creative work that is not marketing related. I haven’t done that in at least a dozen years. Wow. A dozen years since I’ve pursued a personal creative direction. I was both paralyzed and excited at the same time – followed by relief that some of the work I donated actually sold (I was well outdone by a colleague down the street)

What struck me at this event was how much good ART was being produced by the design community. Printmaking, painting, jewelery, photography – just about anything you could imagine was available that night. There are some really good creatives making some really great fine art. That got me to thinking – what is a creative?

Fingerprints and Flashbulbs at RDC

I visited the retirement swaré for a long-time client yesterday and it was a bitter-sweet experience. It’s sad to see friends retire, but it’s good to think of the times we’ve had working together over the years.

Redpoint bids a font adieu to Lois McPherson of Red Deer College after 22 years of admirable service. Here’s looking for the third hole in one!

The laughs and smiles at events like that are always heart warming. It’s great to hear the stories and laugh at the tribulations people have endured. I was standing listening to the account of a woman who has had a large impact on my career (mostly by booking photoshoots that require me to sprint from one end of the Centrium to the other multiple times) and I found that as I wiped the obligatory tear, I was moved by the impact each person has in their careers, communities & colleagues. I don’t think we as designers, creatives, and communications people realize what we are doing most days. We are creating visual history every day we come to work.

2008 comes to a close. A New Era Begins

As another year come to a close, it’s worth looking back at ‘08. We aren’t much bigger than we were in January, but this has been a year of monumental change and growth. With bad economic news coming every day, we are keeping and even keel and trying our best to...

Settlement Tales Book Launch

Settlement Tales Book Launch

Today was an amazing day. Sonya and I took in the launch of the Central Alberta Historical Society’s book launch for “Settlement Tales of West Central Alberta - The Markerville Story” - a coffee table history book about the characters in and around the Markerville...

Volunteers, Dinner and Christmas Trees

Volunteers, Dinner and Christmas Trees

We took in the Festival of Trees Opening event - the Celebration of Lights last night. All the sponsors (Redpoint was a Gold sponsor this year) were treated to a private viewing of the event that will take over Red Deer this weekend. I think the humbling thing I...

Downtown Red Deer Banners! Installed!

Downtown Red Deer Banners! Installed!

Finally! We’ve been waiting for almost two months for today! We completed a re-design of the downtown Red Deer street banners in the summer, and our task was to replace the previous set which had been in use for almost 4 years. The wait while the banners were in...

Summer is the time for donations

It’s been and interesting summer, this summer of ’08… With all the holidays for staff and clients, we haven’t gotten as much finished this summer as planned. Well, with more work than ever before active, just on holidays, we decided to donate the summer away. We’ve...

Welcome Kayla

This week marked the first week we‘ve enjoyed the company of a new addition here at the Redpoint Office. Kayla Nielson has joined us for the summer, on break from her graphic design studies at SAIT in Calgary. It was a busy week, and Kayla survived both the flurry of...

Award Winning Design

Working in a smaller market like Red Deer doesn’t often garner a lot of design awards, but some of our recent work for Red Deer College has gotten some attention. Red Deer College was awarded with five Medallion Awards from District 7 of the National Council for...


Which is greater? Leaving a community in hope of greatness, or staying and creating greatness? An interesting question. Yesterday I attended a press conference where the Alberta Minister of Advanced Education and Technology, the Honourable Doug Horner, presented Red...

A Movie about a font – Helvetica: The Movie

Last night we drove up to Calgary (Brian & Sonya) to see the screening of “ Helvetica: The Movie” at The Uptown Theatre, and event sponsored by the GDC South and Veer. All I can say is... “Wow”. You might ask why make a movie about a font and how in the world...

Graphic Design Seminar – Alberta Communicators Group

We were invited to share a little insight into graphic design an how it related to members of a Communication Department today. We presented at Red Deer City Hall and got to share with representatives from municipal communicators from as far as Grande Prairie and as...

Whistler Blackcomb & the Norse God of Snow

While on vacation in BC, we visited our friend and colleague Kim who is the Brand Manager for Whistler Blackcomb. Sure if was fun hanging around the village and eating sushi, but we had an opportunity to tour the offices and have a peek as some of the fresh creative...