The Designer’s Notebook

Downtown Red Deer Banners! Installed!

Finally! We’ve been waiting for almost two months for today! We completed a re-design of the downtown Red Deer street banners in the summer, and our task was to replace the previous set which had been in use for almost 4 years. The wait while the banners were in production was like waiting for Christmas… and if that’s true, today was the day we got just what we asked for.
The banners were going up today along Ross Street and 49 St. and should be rolling out throughout the downtown over the next few weeks.

Our reaction? Honestly – I was shocked. I really didn’t expect something like a banner to brighten the streets that much. I know the theory and rationalization behind bright and welcoming street signage. I understand the improvements resulting from CPTED initiatives. But I completely underestimated the impact in real-time. Sometimes the emotional result of our design efforts transcends the theory, planning and strategy. It’s wonderful.

For me, downtown Red Deer just became a happier place.

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