Visualizing your
story is what I do.

Inspired by
your story.

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Your Story …


We will listen closely to your story and then visually express your brand through design. As we explore what you do and what drives you, we will discover the essence & passion of your company – this is what we need, and what people want to know about you. We do more than just design; we help share your brand story with the world. Your story is there, we just have to listen for it.

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Your Story …


Graphic and web design should be an expression of your brand, and a bold conduit to share your passion with your customers. We are your partner, helping you connect the dots between objectives and deliverables. Our ability to intuitively see the connections in your brand story and articulate that visually with engaging design is what sets us apart.

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Your Story … 


Here are some of the ways that we can help you:

  • Graphic design and web design;
  • Brand design – logo design, identity standards and more;
  • Custom illustration – mascots, activity books and other fun stuff;
  • Interpretive exhibits –  creative & design; and
  • Photography.

Meet Brian …

Owner & designer at Redpoint

Certified Graphic Designer – CGP 

Brian Olstad is a creator by nature with a deep desire to create things of value, that impress and enrich lives. He is a intuitive creative who often sees the connections between details that others do not. If you ask what is his ‘secret sauce’, the answer is clear: He provides insight to clients that are well above ‘graphic design’, and acts more like a parnter than a service provider.

Brian explores the essence of a brand, and shares its story through graphic design and web design. With a background in fine art and over 20 years of experience in graphic design and entrepreneurship, he believes your story matters, and feels lucky enough to create for a living so he can share it for you. 

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CDP Certified

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Marcomm Awards
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Award Winning Design

  • 2015 “Best Animation” Marketing Association for Credit Unions Mobile Banking Campaign, Mountain View Credit Union
    *In Partnership with
  • 2013 Merit Award (International Downtown Achievement Awards) Rosie Red Character Development
  • 2010 Platinum Marcom The City Of Red Deer Inside Out Newsletter
  • 2010 Platinum Marcom The City Of Red Deer RISE Poster
  • 2010 Platinum Marcom The City Of Red Deer Strategic Plan
  • 2007 Gold Paragon Red Deer College Summer Series of the Arts catalogue
  • 2007 Silver Paragon Red Deer College Sumerscapes Brochure
  • 2007 Bronze Paragon Red Deer College Welcome Back Alumni Logo
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Boom! Just like that…

We translate brand stories into graphic design solutions.


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What they say about Redpoint:

Naomi Kerchinsky

We are happy customers – you were great to work with. Knuckers is alive now and we are so pleased to have this little dragon as part of our brand. Thanks Brian!

Robyn Martel

Thank you so much for your amazing work on the Canyon Website. The website not only turned out better than we expected, but your friendly attitude and willingness to go the extra mile did not go unnoticed. We definitely made the right choice and do not hesitate to recommend you to everyone we meet!

Leslie Greentree

A great designer is like a great hair stylist: you trust them implicitly, allow them to take you places you wouldn’t have thought of – or dared to go – on your own, and you pray they will never leave town. Brian and the Redpoint Design team have supplied me with intelligent, creative design for years. They’re talented and energetic, they care about their clients, and they care about the environment. They’re also a heck of a lot of fun to work with. They can’t ever leave town.

Tara Shand

Redpoint’s creativity, vision and professionalism are exceptional. They always provide just the guidance we need, inspire us to think outside the box, and consistently deliver a finished product that exceeds our expectations.

Jeremy Jablonski

Redpoint Creative is the small firm with big ideas – this always leads to the highest quality finished products with a personal touch throughout the process. I’ve known Brian since 1995 and have always known him and his staff to be fair, honest, talented and reliable.  Why would you want to go anywhere else?

Jonathan Strome

I highly recommend Brian for your illustration needs! I have worked with him on several projects from brand creations to brand enhancements. His ability to communicate emotion and message through art is above anyone I have ever worked with.

Phillip Lund

Working with Brian from Redpoint was amazing! He put in a lot effort to finding out who we were and to make sure all the details were perfect and matched our brand exactly!

Darcy Knotland

Our business has utilized Redpoint Creatives services and the experience was nothing short of awesome! Brian is a pro and we really enjoyed working with him. He’s super talented and a small business owner himself so it was easy for him to bring that perspective to our project.

Darcy Knotland

Our BRAND and website is a result of his skill at work! We think it’s pretty good. Without question, would (and have) recommended his services to those who have asked us who we worked with. You will not be disappointed! Keep up the great work Redpoint Creative!

Merlyn Ness

Brian at Red Point is a pleasure to work with. Great ideas, very collaborative, and skilled at what he does. I also like his strategic approach for aligning web, brand, and social tactics. I would highly recommend RedPoint. Thanks Brian!

Dwayne Holland
Dwayne Holland
March 30, 2024
Brian is one of a kind! A creative that always brings his best ideas and business savvy. He's always putting his clients first while ensuring that his creativity is impactful for their audience.
Aaron Sheppard
Aaron Sheppard
March 28, 2024
Cannot recommend Redpoint enough! Brian has been a visionary creative juggernaut for years within Central Alberta. He has helped our company (Career Assistance Network) on multiple projects and supported countless partners we have referred. His vision is unmatched, and his creativity and ability to view projects from his clients' perspectives are uncanny. It's never been easier to picture a project, engage with a designer, and produce quality work than working with Redpoint. He has worked on major projects (Canadian Winter Games, City of Red Deer Campaigns) and is still able to support all kinds of clients, regardless of size and scope. If you have a project and want the best creative mind in the area, do it yourself a favour and call Redpoint.
Ken Butts
Ken Butts
March 27, 2024
The professional and personal projects with Brian that have turned out beyond expectation. Thank you.
Nicki Julien
Nicki Julien
March 25, 2024
Pursuit Physio has benefited from Redpoint Creative services for over 15years. Brian always pays close attention to detail and answers all of our questions/requests in a timely and efficient manner. We are so glad to use a high quality locally owned and operated company for our business needs.
Brad Maxwell
Brad Maxwell
March 24, 2024
Brian is an absolute delight to work with. Excellent attention to detail, reasonable prices and above all very reliable. Product always of the highest quality. Would order from Redpoint again!
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor
March 22, 2024
Redpoint Creative has been a one stop shop to launch our adventure tourism venture. Brian and his team have well rounded capacity to serve all your needs. They specialize in website development, brand story formation, SEO improvement, and automated booking services.
Nickson’s Bike & Ski
Nickson’s Bike & Ski
March 22, 2024
I highly suggest working with Redpoint Creative to assist in both logo design, but also for all the related services that they offer. I had hired Redpoint Creative to help our sport club perform aa full rebrand. Brian had suggested many things from colour pairings, to historical knowledge of our club to current trends in our sport & sports on a larger scale. We were presented with an impressive amount of data & drafts of what our final product would look like, from that we chose one & we haven't looked back. Our logo is seen locally, but also has been seen nationally & the exposure it has provided some return on this long term investment. There is no question that I would happily choose Redpoint Creative again for any of our needs.
Jonathan Strome
Jonathan Strome
June 20, 2023
I highly recommend Brian for your illustration needs! I have worked with him on several projects from brand creations to brand enhancements. His ability to communicate emotion and message through art is above anyone I have ever worked with.
March 13, 2023
Our organization has been working with Redpoint Design for over a decade and we absolutely love working with Brian! He has helped us to navigate a new visual identity multiple times, streamlined the graphic design process for us, and is always up for new challenges. Brian is always great to work with, and is very personable and kind. We highly recommend Redpoint Design for all of your print and digital design needs, including illustrations.
Kurtis Paul
Kurtis Paul
February 21, 2023
Brian Olstad Smiling and Laughing

My clients’ dedication and hard work motivates me to do everything I can to help them succeed. Being able to be part of their success is why I’m so passionate about serving them. When they do well, I do well.

Brian Olstad, Redpointing a rock climb


Redpoint Creative open in Red Deer, Alberta in 2005, originally as Redpoint Design. It served primarily municipal governments, oil & gas and education. As time went by, the team grew and shrank and grew again, moving around creating websites and graphic design from various locations in Downtown Red Deer. You can read some of the stories in the Designer’s Notebook blog

In 2018, Redpoint shifted and reimerged as Redpoint Creative, primarily as a corporate entity. Today, Redpoint focuses on passionate Alberta businesses who strive to move the needle for their customers.

 What is a Redpoint?

A Redpoint is a term from rock climbing – and represents the completion of a project you’ve been working on, without failing. Your Redpoint is the successful completion of a climb you hadn’t previously done. Since I want to do two things – design things and climb things, and … ok, three … draw cartoons, it was appropriate to make a connection between these things that I love when I developed the name of my studio.

In design, I consider the Redpoint the completion of an idea. So you could say your award-winning new creative is actually Redpoint Creative!

Some industries we serve: 

  • Social agencies and government
  • Human service 
  • Tourism & outdoor
  • Oil & gas
  • Food & beverage SMEs
  • Business to business SMEs
  • Business to consumer SMEs

Let’s get started!

We’d love to talk with you about your company and where you want to take it.

A little more about us and where we work:

When did you open?

In 2005, I took a huge leap of faith and opened my own business. It was an insane time in my life – I had just bought a house and was about to have a baby. But despite the chaos, I managed to survive and make it work.

It was an incredible journey that has taught me so much about myself, my business, and the importance of taking risks. Looking back, it’s amazing that I had the courage to take the leap. But with the right attitude and support system, anything is possible!

Where are you located?

In response to the changing times, we have shifted our focus from having a physical office space downtown Red Deer to working remotely from home offices. While we may miss the vintage office in the historic Scott Block, this shift has allowed us to be more flexible and access remote talent from around the world. This has enabled us to take advantage of the benefits of remote working while still maintaining a presence in Red Deer.

What design services do you provide?

Our services include graphic design, website design, brand design (including logo design), domain and hosting, illustration, printing sales, and ongoing design support.

Where do you provide service?

We provide services to clients located in Red Deer and its surrounding areas, such as Calgary, Edmonton, Nordegg, the Bow Valley, and to clients all over Western Canada.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality services no matter where they are located. We understand that not everyone can meet face to face, so we make sure to accommodate them with remote meetings. This allows us to reach more people and give them the same level of service that they would receive if they were face to face.

Have you ever gone a day without coffee?

I’m sure you know the importance of coffee. It’s like jet fuel for creativity and can help you get through the day. I remember long ago when I didn’t drink it – but honestly, I can’t remember it! It was too long ago.

So if you’re looking for an extra boost of creativity, grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s get going! Frothy or whatever – just keep it coming!

Whats the longest day you’ve worked?

It’s important to take care of our bodies and not push too hard. The longest day I’ve ever worked was probably around 20 hours, and it was definitely not something I would recommend doing often! It really started to affect my health, and as much as you sit for a living in this business, sitting is as bad or worse than many other things, long-term.