Your story heard.

Redpoint is most effective when empowered to creatively translate communications objectives into visual tools. And to do that we listen.

We listen to our clients’ stories to discover the essence of their brand and then visually express that essence through design.

Your story understood.

Our work is an expression of your brand, and a bridge between vision & deliverable. We’ve had years honing skills that generate great looking design collateral, and our task is to design stuff, write things and make stuff, but it’s our ability to visualize that sets us apart – the ability to see the big picture in your organization and articulate that visually with solid creative.

Your story expressed.

We recognize that almost all creative projects are multi-faceted, but we offer:

  • Graphic and website design,
  • Custom illustration – mascots, cartoons, activity books and other fun stuff;
  • Interpretive exhibits –  creative & design; and
  • Photography – as it relates to our other services.
  • City of Red Deer
  • 2019 Canada Winter Games
  • David Thompson Climbers Association
  • Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery

We translate our client’s brand stories into visual solutions.


Meet Brian


Brian Olstad, CGD; Lead Creative

Redpoint has been around since 2006, but Brian Olstad got his feet wet pre-Y2K doing paper paste-up in the nineties. The studio has been both big and small in its tenure, but commitment to clients has never wavered.

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Award Winning Design

Marcomm Awards


  • 2015 “Best Animation” Marketing Association for Credit Unions Mobile Banking Campaign, Mountain View Credit Union
    *In Partnership with CoreBrand
  • 2013 Merit Award (International Downtown Acheivment Awards) Rosie Red Character Development
  • 2010 Platinum Marcom The City Of Red Deer Inside Out Newsletter
  • 2010 Platinum Marcom The City Of Red Deer RISE Poster
  • 2010 Platinum Marcom The City Of Red Deer Strategic Plan
  • 2007 Gold Paragon Red Deer College Summer Series of the Arts catologue
  • 2007 Silver Paragon Red Deer College Sumerscapes Brochure
  • 2007 Bronze Paragon Red Deer College Welcome Back Alumni Logo

What they say about us …

Robyn Martel

Thank you so much for your amazing work on the Canyon Website. The website not only turned out better than we expected, but your friendly attitude and willingness to go the extra mile did not go unnoticed. We definitely made the right choice and do not hesitate to recommend you to everyone we meet!

Leslie Greentree

A great designer is like a great hair stylist: you trust them implicitly, allow them to take you places you wouldn’t have thought of – or dared to go – on your own, and you pray they will never leave town. Brian and the Redpoint Design team have supplied me with intelligent, creative design for years. They’re talented and energetic, they care about their clients, and they care about the environment. They’re also a heck of a lot of fun to work with. They can’t ever leave town.

Tara Shand

Redpoint’s creativity, vision and professionalism are exceptional. They always provide just the guidance we need, inspire us to think outside the box, and consistently deliver a finished product that exceeds our expectations.

Jeremy Jablonski

Redpoint Creative is the small firm with big ideas – this always leads to the highest quality finished products with a personal touch throughout the process. I’ve known Brian since 1995 and have always known him and his staff to be fair, honest, talented and reliable.  Why would you want to go anywhere else?

Lynn Norman

I have found Brian to be imaginative, intuitive, fair, current with trends and, perhaps most importantly, able to understand the needs of the organization and come up with creative solutions to problems. I value his input and rely on Brian and his team to provide good design in a timely and honest way.
Choss Toss, 10c/d Grassi Lakes, AB Photo: Ken Butts

But … what is a Redpoint?

A Redpoint is a term from rock climbing – and represents the completion of a project you’ve been working on, without failing. Your “Redpoint“ is the successful completion of a climb you hadn’t previously done. Since I want to do two things – design things and climb things, and … ok, three … draw cartoons, it was appropriate for me to draw a line between the things I love. In design, I consider the “Redpoint” the completion of an idea. So you could say your award winning new creative is actually Redpoint Creative.

So you could say your award winning new creative is actually Redpoint Creative.