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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

Once in a while you see something that shakes things to their foundations. Something disruptive–like the birth of social media, or micro-stock. I really want to discover something like that. This is not that. This is just something cool. Right now, there are lots of...

Chained to the Cloud

Chained to the Cloud

Everyone loves the cloud. We love the cloud. The cloud is that imaginary place where all our business problems disappear, our IT costs vapourize and everything and everyone the a rosy red glow of ecstasy on their faces. But have you ever actually thought about what the cloud is?

The Bloc Wins!

The Bloc Wins!

Well, it’s election time again in Canada and Canadians are busy listening to the parties and their platforms. Now, it may be more efficient if the parties would wait a bit longer before calling an election, we seem to get elections more often than we get spring, but we all have to play the hand that’s dealt to us, and get out there and vote.

Now what’s really key in this election, in our view, is not platform, it’s not star candidates and its not scandals. It is clear, the major issue is… who has the best election website? So who should YOU vote for?

Don’t ask us. This post is not about policy. It’s a light hearted review of some nerd’s handwork. Read the platform pages on the above sites and make a decision, but most of all, vote. Otherwise we’ll end up like Venezuela. Seriously.

Managing Email on Multiple Devices

Most of our clients receive email one of two ways: on a Microsoft Exchange Server, or through POP/SMTP. For those that use an Exchange server, there is likely an IT staff involved, or at least an external IT supplier like Bulletproof Networks handling the email. For those without IT support, POP is the likely method of email transfer.

Now, Redpoint is not an IT firm – we are a creative agency. We host websites for clients, and help with email config within our scope of expertise. Usually, that includes a couple devices. Recently, I got a new iPhone and as a result, have been managing correspondence more and more on the hand-held. Two things annoy me about email – spam and my laptop and smart-phone missing messages. I also realized I was paying data fees to download 30 spam messages a day on my phone. I know there are clients and people in the general public that suffer the same spam problems. Here is a quick solution.



I opened my twitter account on the advice of a client who I respect quite a lot. The advice was "I expect you to know about this , so whether you like it or not,  you need to have a twitter account." I reluctantly opened the account and started to tweet. At this...

Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery Website Launch

Working on web based projects is always consuming and requires a lot of commitment. We launched the new web presence for the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery this week, and journey that has taken us down a road that has lasted almost two years. The site is bay far one of...

Career Assistance Network Website Launch

After quite a few months, we’ve finally launched the new website for the Career Assistance Network in Red Deer. It has been a fun process and the amazing thing about a site is watching the content come together. I have to admit, I’m a sceptic when talk turns to the...

www.X-celCommunications.com – New Site!

We have been having a race lately to see which projects get completed first and We recently went live with a web project for X-cel communications. It’s a nice site with a few really nice features. As usual, the client has complete access to all content and can create...

Collaboration + the College of Paramedics

Collaboration + the College of Paramedics

We had a marvelous opportunity this summer to collaborate with a major Edmonton web development firm to develop a new online presence for the Alberta College of Paramedics. The College has an incredible amount of content and required a major re-working of the site...

www.kingsenergy.com launched!

We launched another large website development project this past week: www.kingsenergy.com. Another site we began last fall, it’s great to see this project open to the public. We employed some new innovations for the content management and site functionality here, so...

www.laebon.com launched!

Today we launched the new www.laebon.com for the world to see. We’ve been working on the site since September, and it’s great to finally have it live. The site features a robust content manager offering control over just about every word on the site. Laebon now has...

Web 2.0 Seminar

We had the opportunity to present at Red Deer City Hall on October 26 to a group of Alberta Municipal Web Group members on web trends, web 2.0 and other fun stuff. We discussed technology, when to use flash and other widgets, how to organize information and what users...

Web 2.0 Workshop – Banff Alberta

We had the pleasure of sitting in on a 3 day workshop in Banff this past weekend relating to website production, coding, and business best practices. We were introduced to a panel including from agencies in Calgary and Detroit, to game designers, crowd-sourcing (look...