The Designer’s Notebook – New Site!


Clients Web Design

blog_xcel_hmWe have been having a race lately to see which projects get completed first and We recently went live with a web project for X-cel communications. It’s a nice site with a few really nice features. As usual, the client has complete access to all content and can create and edit content at will. But aside from that, we created a widget for the homepage to profile the primary product offerings and allow for a little play-ability (don’t get dizzy).

blog_xcel_qtAnother nice feature is the product information page. With a broad product offering, X-cel has to have fairly specific information when responding to client inquiries. After a bit of thought, we presented a form tool with a selector for each product type. Once a potential client selects a product, the form automatically loads the appropriate set of questions. Simple.

This site was a pleasure to design – in part thanks to Bell Canada, for allowing their dealers access to high res images for most of the products.

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