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Photoshop AI: AI Images are not there yet

Photoshop generative fill test file

Photoshop Beta Icon I did a test drive with Photoshop beta’s Generative Fill (AI generated image editing) tools and the results are surprising. I’ve been using Content Aware for years, and it’s basically the little brother to Generative Fill, so I am not totally surprised. Have a look at the results above. 

So the Verdict?

I don’t think this technology is there yet.

Look at the faces. The bear legs. For the most part, AI images look kind of pasty. Photoshop has been great at filling textures (look at the trees on the left) for a while, but terrible at anything with meaningful deatail. Just like the rest of AI. 

Not far. De-aging tech and AI are advancing faster than we all may want to admit. Even Google and OpenAI are asking for regulation. So this is real. We are all using AI tech for writing and planning. ChatGPT is a fantastic helper. 

How far are we from the ‘Running Man’?

So What?

The genie is not going back into the bottle. As a designer, I am excited to use these new tools – writing assistiant AI is incredibly useful. I love the idea of being able to edit meanginfully… in this business, it usially means cleainign truck tires or adding safety glasses to a worker who wouldn’t wear them for a photo shoot. We all need to sort how these AI technologoes are goign to affect our lives and what the next level for us will be. I can’t imagine what it will mean for me to concieve a layout and just … ask for it. So wild. 

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