The Designer’s Notebook

Graphic Design Seminar – Alberta Communicators Group


Industry News

We were invited to share a little insight into graphic design an how it related to members of a Communication Department today. We presented at Red Deer City Hall and got to share with representatives from municipal communicators from as far as Grande Prairie and as close as Lacombe County and The City Of Red Deer. Kristin Benum, from Lacombe County invited us to share some of our tips and tricks. We talked about:

  • Basic design principles including type design, general page setup and layout flow;
  • Some thoughts on web design;
  • Dealing with designers; and
  • How to become a designer and stay creative.

Overall, we were really pleased with the session and everyone seemed excited to dig into their new projects back at the office. A big thanks to Kristin for the handmade coffee mug as a thank you gift as well!

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