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Summer is the time for donations


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It’s been and interesting summer, this summer of ’08… With all the holidays for staff and clients, we haven’t gotten as much finished this summer as planned. Well, with more work than ever before active, just on holidays, we decided to donate the summer away.

We’ve donated to some pretty major Alberta non-profits, and we got some pretty nice results. The fruit of our labour is just being delivered, and it feels great to give to the community this summer. In all we’ve donated thousands to the following agencies:

  • Centrefest Street Festival
  • United Way Central Alberta
  • DTHR Festival of Trees

Centrefest has past for another year, the United way campaign is just about to launch and the Festival of Trees material won’t be released for a month or two yet, but as the summer comes to a close, it’s exciting to see these worthy causes armed with material we hope will significantly improve their efforts!

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