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Predictions for a wondrous New Year


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Well 2011 is upon us with a (snow bound) bang, with all the yearly predictions going around, we thought we’d best offer our own. After an intense session of divination research, we’re ready to reveal some rather startling predictions. Don’t blame us, science doesn’t lie.

1. The internet will die.

Like all outdated technologies, we will no longer be required to fumble around worrying about xhtml and png sprites and (shudder) social media. Such passé mediums will be replaced with revolutionary new technologies. The most notable of these new technologies will be a new form or communications utilizing small birds and little paper bits tied to their legs. Amazing!

2. The environment will no longer be in danger.

All the companies in the world involved in green-washing their business will realize the benefit of doing what they say and make decisions based on “the long view”. They will all turn to selling magic elixir that will cure all sorts of problems! Natural!

(All the SEO snake oil salesmen won’t be able to compete and will go into wedding planning)

3. Wikileaks will…

er… I’d better not say anything… they’re listening. Orwellian! 

4. Comic Sans will be banned

Along with many other archaic design leftovers from the 90’s like internet explorer, we will finally move on into a wondrous new era! Except the internet will die (see above). BUT we will be able to utilize amazing new design elements customizing our iPigeon carrier pigeons! Creative!

5. Reality TV will become… Real

After years of being inundated with Survivor,  Jersey shore and the Bachelor, mankind will finally reveal its true nature and create shallow relationships solely for personal gain. People will either dress mostly in rags and starve themselves, or go on lots of really shallow dates. Mostly people will stop working, aside from cameramen. Most shocking season ever!

6. Chartreuse will become the new black

Since eco-marketing will become obsolete, green won’t be a ”hot” colour anymore, and once mainstream, urban trendy types will will finally see it for what it really is. Leafy!

7. Design will be ultimately irrelevant

After such monumental changes in society (see above), and design will no longer be required (except for  iPigeons) and the design community will revert to its fallback vocation: underemployed starbucks barrista. Society will mostly fail after that, though the esspresso foam art will be amazing. Arsty!

8. And finally, printers will finally figure out what to print

After more than 500 years in the printing biz, printers will FINALLY figure out that it’s better to print money right off the bat, instead of printing brochures and wait for deadbeat clients to pay. By moving straight to money, several ugly steps in the printing process can be eliminated (like bookkeeping and customer service). Printers will proceed to rule the world with an iron fist (money talks), using the newly unemployed web-developers and graphic designers (see above) as servants in their new utopian society. Economical!

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