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Mistakes. They happen.

Mistakes. They happen.

Yes. Mistakes happen. Yes. We make them. Mistakes teach designers what they’ve missed, and what they don’t know. Mistakes also give us the opportunity to show integrity, and to make things right. I think mistakes are the single greatest opportunity to show you care about clients. Will you abandon them or make it right? Will you take your lumps or be indignant? Heroes don’t often rise when nothing is wrong.

I think mistakes are the single greatest opportunity to show you care about clients. You rise and fall on your reaction to errors.

We had a stationery project go bad this month. It was a collection of small things that culminated in a botched print run.

Now, in this case it has turned into a lot of extra work for us. But how can you know if you’ve gotten it right?

An Age Old Christmas Book Chronicled

An Age Old Christmas Book Chronicled

So I have this book… my Dad gave it to me in 1979. It's a Christmas book about Santa's workshop. I treasure this book. I keep it in a box and it only comes out once a year for about 2 weeks. Thing is, this is one of those pop-up books with flaps and tabs and things to...

The Uncertain Vagaries of CMYK profiling

Lately we've been working with a myriad of suppliers who print a myriad of products. We’ve found out some interesting things regarding printing and colour calibration. The biggest thing it seems, (though unsupported by any empirical data) is that with the release of...

How are you proofing your projects?

Remember to turn Overprint Preview ON. It recently occurred to us that some very simple pdf tricks can assist many of you when you are proofing your projects with us. Have you ever printed a piece and noticed the reversed (white) logos were missing, even though you...