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Vessel Refillery

Vessel Refillery Brand

We all know the path forward in this world is sustainable consumption and recycling. Vessel Refillery operates in Whistler, BC and aims to help people reduce the single use plastics we throw away when we buy cleaning and hygiene products. The really cool thing is how integrated the service is – bulk delivery days, all organic packaging and most products are returnable and reusable. They are even delivered in wooden crates!

The brand is integrated with the classic bottle silhouette Kim uses, tied in with the type, just like the service. Earthy colours refresh the values of the company – earth-first. The identity is simple, and clean, thoughtful and also looks great burned into a delivery crate, and on t-shirts!


Client: Vessel Refillery
Industry: Cleaning & Hygiene
Service Area: Whistler & Pemberton, BC

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