Project Highlight

Slave Lake Interactive Exhibit Design

Slave Lake Legacy Centre Interactive Exhibit
We designed the FireSmart interactive exhibit, installed in the new Legacy Centre in Slave Lake, AB. It commemorates the 5 year anniversary of the “flat top complex” wildfire (the Slave Lake Wildfire of 2011). Working with Robertson & Associates and the fantastic team in Slave Lake, this exhibit covers a myriad of topics ranging from forest ecology, wildfire history, the 2011 wildfires, and wildfire safety.

Even more exciting was the opportunity to design the interactive elements – a reading rail, an interactive puzzle, an exhibit case designed to look like a storage room with treasures to find and really fun tree stumps. As usual – the opportunity to work on something like this offered an opportunity to connect with a new community and learn a heckuvalot about wildfire!

Project Details

Client: Slave Lake Legacy Corporation
Service Area: Northen Alberta

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