Project Highlight

Growing Together Project

Alberta Health Services - Growing Together Project

This project is a 3 year provincial pilot project designed to screen toddlers for developmental milestones, in conjunction with immunizations, with a goal of improving all chilrden’s performance entering Grade 1.

Our brief included: De-mystifying the concept of developmental screening, and developing a playable resource to leave with parents that wouldn’t get thrown out.

In all, we developed:

  • a friendly logo representing the community around the child (the adults) and the growth of the child (the sapling)
  • an illustrated brochure that reads like a children’s book. By designing this like many of the books parents already read to their children, we could get a somewhat touchy message through with a bit of humour. The story includes 10 panels, each with a new event to highlight. The timeline ambiguous, so parents won’t worry if their child is a month behind, but will have the information to get help if they need it.
  • a 38 inch tall poster to post in Doctor’s offices for referrals
  • a postcard to support and remind about clinics, and
  • a letterhead (a black & white Word template, in reality)

Project Details

Client: Red Deer Downtown Business Association
Service Area: Central Alberta

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