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Why No One Can Beat Aaron


Graphic Design

We meet all kinds of different people in the design industry. Some people just need a business card and some need more complex communication solutions like large websites or trade show booths. One consistent thing that pops up more and more is the actual act of “communication” – the realization that what we say gets read and what we do gets noticed. More and more of our clients ask things like “you tell me what to say”.

The result is two types of clients:

  1. Clients ready to work with (and pay) for someone to help create “communications”, be it a planned program of marketing, or simply a few pages of well written words; or
  2. Clients who’d rather manage this on their own – come what may.

People are either passionate about their company’s communication, or too busy for it, but we’ve learned that everyone cares.

Enter Aaron Sheppard from Career Assistance Network

One of our longtime clients, is the managing partner at the Red Deer Career Assistance Network – a company that serves workers and employers all over Central Alberta. Aaron offers front line service to clients, and facilitates group programs for “work”. For “fun” he markets his company well, creates programs and diversifies his company into new niches at every opportunity.

I’ve seen a myriad of tasks relating to marketing handled by this client (who is not really trained as a marketer). Few we’ve met handle it as well who are not full time communications professionals. Here’s a laundry list of tasks:

  • Manage Website content
  • Manage Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Design newspaper ads, posters and even vehicle graphics
  • Company logo makeover with stationery
  • Create, write and design course material for new programs (a huge job!)
  • Create, design and sell ads for a local newsletter relating to his industry and interests
  • Help us (Redpoint) with proposal writing and other advice

Ok. So I guess you get the picture. The point here is really that as design professionals, we often see people with terrific ideas and passion. But it’s actually rare to see that passion work in tandem with a passion for driving a company forward through communication. That’s why we love working with communication departments – they have staff paid to take care of the messaging, planning and help with creative.

For the small firm communication is very hard. It’s doesn’t pay the bills directly. It’s hard to carve out time to think about it. It’s hard if you just don’t think creatively. People like Aaron are rare and deserving of a big hat-tip from all the designers in the world.

We love helping people create great communication. We also love to see clients take the bull by the horns and do a terrific job on their own. Success is its own reward.

Let’s get started!

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