The Designer’s Notebook

We’re Really Excited.

It’s pretty amazing. We’ve had a tremendous run of creative marketing pieces this past 6 months. Redpointers have created some stuff that is pretty darn impressive. We’ve written copy, printed brochures, made maps, murals, and continue to crank out websites. The problem is, most of it hasn’t been published, released or otherwise produced. It’s been a good year (or longer) since we updated our portfolio. What gives? Well, remember that story of the mechanics car? Yeah, a designers website is kinda the same.

But what are we to do? We’re really proud of the work, and think we’ve really achieved some effective outcomes. We really believe the clients get to launch their products, and we should refrain from jumping the gun. So to whet the appetites of those who check our website daily for updates (we know you are out there, Googlebot!) Here is a short list of highlights to preempt the invariable January portfolio update:

  • We finished the Red Deer 2013 Centennial logo, which is quite an honour.
  • We completed design for new Waskasoo Park Trail Signs in Red Deer, that have yet to be installed.
  • We launched the Breathing Room Yoga Studio and Cafe website, and in three months, it’s become the second businest site we manage.
  • We created new wayfinding maps for the Red Deer Collicutt Centre, as well as designed their 10th anniversary materials.
  • We designed the interpretive signage recently installed in Downtown Red Deer’s Veterans’ Park. We love interpretive signs. Really.
  • We launched a new website for The Town of Penhold, and watched them re-write 50 -70 pages of content in just two months. Wow.
  • We also launched a new product – the Redwed Invitation Studio, serving the wedding invitation and special event design market

That’s a taste, and there is more. In fact, a lot more. In the meantime, we’ve been working to add new products, revise pricing and become more skilled and diverse. So what’s new? Well, you’ll have to wait for that. We completed one of the most technical photoshoots we’ve ever been (as referenced in this tweet)on with Photek, and it’s revived our love of good ol’ art direction.

Let’s get started!

We’d love to talk with you about your company and where you want to take it.