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A the first week of January comes to a close, it’s worth reviewing 2007 and all it brought. 2007 brought a new designer to Redpoint: Sonya, a new office, tonnes of new clients, as well as continued loyalty from existing clients. Moving back downtown gave us an opportunity to revisit our relationship with CIty Roast Coffee, and gave us the ability to meet clients much easier. Office-mates brought some diversity to the office dynamic, as well as the MP3 choices.

The fourth quarter of ’07 was the busiest I have seen ever.

What’s most notable though, is the fourth quarter of 2007. It was the busiest period I have ever experienced… ever. We produced more work in those three months than almost the rest of the year combined (unofficially).

Some 4th quarter stats, for those who keep track:

  • We printed approximately 378,600 individual units of printing in December alone;
  • We worked on 4 websites and made edits or additions to several others;
  • We delivered a handful of tradeshow displays; and
  • We didn’t rest much.

It’s all to the credit of our clients, but 2007 was extraordinarily successful. It’s great timing, since January is the time for our annual anniversary client appreciation! Stay tuned as we release how you can get involved!

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