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Terrible Type


Graphic Design


Working in the design and print industry, we at Redpoint are constantly bombarded with fonts. Typography is a large part of what we do. We are continually selecting, modifying and talking about type. As exciting as it is to browse Veer for their latest typographic trend, we sadly come in contact with many font disasters. Honestly, it is hard to take somebody seriously if they have a large sign for their business designed with Comic Sans outlined in magenta. Please, no. We can help you. First, Read this: Ban Comic Sans.

I dream of a day where all talented graphic designers and creatives alike could unite and transform our world with beautiful design. Why? Because we’re designers. We know what looks good – we’re trained to do so. My dreams are thrown into the garbage can when observing an eyesore of a product. Hurray for personal achievements, but now I have to look at that? It pains me to know that people do it temsleves when we could help. Please don’t put thousands of dollars into wrapping their vehicle with the default font list from Windows 1995 just to save a few design dollars.

Thankfully there are others out there who think a like. Others who have noticed the scratchy, thin ascenders of the Papyrus font and said to themselves, “I hate Papyrus.” Hopefully one day the use will dwindle, so every aspiring coffee shop, day spa or Chinese restaurant can not be bound by the chains of the tacky “decorative” font.

If you are reading this, and wondering what a ‘decorative’ font is, or unsure that there are more options to choose from other than Times New Roman, visit this insightful link. The first step is to know what to avoid. Step two: talk to us. Step three: enjoy a city filled with beautiful, legible typography. Win.

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