The Designer’s Notebook

Redpoint Goes Mad!



We’ve talked about a theme party for a long time, mostly since Kayla started digging on the TV program MadMen. This month marks the sad departure of Kayla to the West Coast to pursue other things – like a new rain coat, and perhaps a cruiser bike basket. So we decided to finally do it! Turns out the Centennial Theatre in Red Deer is totally cool with retro brick and a kitchen. It was a great time, small venue, food and lots of time to reminisce.

We’ve been graced with Kayla’s eye for trends since 2008 and we have had a lot of fun, of that there is no doubt. But we also met Loren this fall. You need to meet her. She might be the nicest person you’ve ever met. Not even kidding.

But we  have done a lot of great work in the past couple of years. We won 5 Marcon Awards in 2010, personally maintained construction hoarding in 2011 and managed to create a megatonne of cool stuff in 2012. We’ve seen the advent of Traptow’s Coolbeans Coffee bus, the Ross St. Patio and the expansion of RDC. I think the greatest thing about looking back is when you turn forward again – looking at the fresh new horizon, which in Redpoint’s case will invariably include us doing totally insane things to meet our client’s needs. Those tire tracks on our backs are real. Need someone under the bus for you? Call us.

A few of my favourites:

  • Target Calendar
  • Lights, Camera Transit! Public Forum Posters

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