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Red Deer’s Coolest Beans


Graphic Design

Its not often a potential landmark business opens in any community. Red Deer has been graced with something very unique – our very own coffee bus – the Traptow’s Cool Beans Bus, straight from the Oxford Circle in London!

Kevin and Becky Traptow have gone to great lengths to open a coffee shop that is unique, enjoyable and has great food. Based on the sun exposure alone, the balcony is the clear choice for eating alfresco. Since opening, Redpoint staffers are mostly known by first name, and we are eagerly awaiting their IPO so we can really get involved. Until then, this blog post will have to do, and the fact that we were the unofficial first customers when they opened last week.

The coffee is great – I always judge with a straight latte or cappuccino – few places hand tamp espresso. Since then, I have graduated to their wonderful paninis. I am a sucker for paninis. Sweet paninis.

You can follow the Bus on their blog, and  twitter. And go eat there. You won’t regret it.

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