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Off to Toronto! Design thinkers Conference 2007


Graphic Design

Look out Hogtown… Redpoint Design is coming to town! I’m off to Toronto this week for a conference sponsored by the RGD (Registered Graphic Designers) association of Ontario. Design Thinkers 2007 is a hodgepodge of new media, branding and design leaders from across North America, with a myriad of session choices of presenter and subject matter.

I’m most excited to see Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands, New York. Her ability to keep perspective on the life of a simple graphic designer, while offering insight into the realities of being a partner in one of the major US Branding Agencies is quite refreshing—and informative. I first heard her speak at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton in ’05.

There will be workshops on trends in design, the ever-evolving internet, and commentary on where we are going with design & communications in Canada today.

Oh, and we get to raid a variety of agencies in the Toronto area, poaching talent and clients where ever we go… OK… Maybe we’ll see the lunchroom and have a coffee, but we will get to tour many of our peers’ studios in TO. I just hope there is fooseball.

So, I’ll be away for the week of October 15-19. Sonya is being a good trooper and working hard back at the office. If there are any projects that need attention, she can help out. Feel free to email Sonya with any queries.

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