The Designer’s Notebook

MAG Moves To The Mall

Today was a pretty cool day. We visited the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery in their new temporary location at the Parkland Mall in Red Deer.

The Museum staff were very excited to embark on this new adventure. Firstly, they have closed the regular downtown location for a major overhaul and building upgrade. secondly, their temporary location at the mall gives them exposure they’ve not had in a long time.

We played a part in all this – we designed the signage you see depicted here, and we are especially proud of the fish poster on the left. We wanted to bring part of the old building to the new location, and also bridge something at harkened back to the old space, once it is renovated. The Koi pond in the foyer not only will stay, but is getting an enhancement. THe poster looks more like a painting than a photograph. Fitting for an art gallery, and a sneak peek for those waiting to see the new MAG website set to launch in a few weeks.

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