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pinkhouseMexico is a wonderful country. They have a flair for life and community that is refreshing. They also have an amazing flair for colour and style in art, design and decoration, and as a culture they embrace ornamentation.

As a designer, I truly enjoy seeing different interpretations of communications. A poster in Spanish still communicates if it’s designed well. One particular design trend I spotted, was their use of type as a graphical element. Often you might see a poster with a nice picture, where the person in the photo was a letter in the headline, or there was a sense of depth in the piece – coming straight out of the type design.

It’s stunning to see the communities of homes – half pink and half yellow, with a further half regular brick (cement is the material of choice in Mexico). Then you can buy weaving or some other craft from an artisan who has been handed down patterns and designs for generations. It’s and inspiration to see a culture embrace design in such a way. And it’s great to reflect on your own work to see what you can learn from others far from your sphere, and hopefully making projects richer for it.

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