The Way I See It

When I take photos, I see the world differently. Perhaps it’s the before that is interesting, and sometimes it’s the during. I try to capture something of the moment when a photograph is taken – the wind, the motion, or the solitude.

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Photography Print Pricing

Gallery Wraps

(canvas + Frame)

square inches  x $1.20 = estimated cost

Giclée Prints

(premium lustre archival paper)

square inches x $0.50 = estimated cost

Let’s get started!

11 + 4 =



Images can be cropped, tinted or otherwise edited to match the particulars of any decor. Custom editing will have an additional cost.


Measure and ensure the prints will be appropriate in size.


Almost all my work is custom, and each piece is an original. Pieces can be produced in about 4 weeks.

How Large?

Art Above Furniture

Art hung over furniture should be less than 75 percent of the width of the furniture; for example, a painting over an 84-inch-long sofa should be 63 inches wide or less. Artwork hung over a fireplace tends to look best when the painting is as wide as the opening of the fireplace (no matter the size of the mantel).

Art on a mainly blank wall

The art should take up 4/7 of the selected space. Use this formula to get the size art you need: Multiply your wall width (in inches) by .57 (4/7 turned into a decimal). So say your area is 36 inches – you want to look for art that’s 20-21 inches wide.