On this (extended) long weekend, my daughter exclaimed how she wished she could be a designer, although in context, she was expressing thankfulness that I am afforded the flexibility in my work to take an almost exorbitant amount of time off to spend with my kids. It got me thinking.I’ve worked a lot in my career – 2am is a common place to be. Overtime is a like a drug in this business, it’s kind of thrilling. But In the last several years, I’ve taken a larger roll with my kids – more time off, less overtime, less attention to the business. Not many people have the opportunity to do that – and frankly, I would have mocked myself 10 years ago for doing it.

This Thanksgiving though, my kids thanked me for one of the biggest commitments I’ve made, and that makes it all worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Redpoint friends and clients!

*note – All this also means I have time to do things like this little movie.