2012 VW ad launching the new Beetle

Super bowl 49 is upon us, and it’s time for creatives to start the annual analysis of this year’s crop of ads. That great bastion of advertising critique, the CBC, just posted an article with a welcome new trend. Less sex, more heart. Turns out, ads that tug on our emotions perform much better than those horrifically sexy godaddy ads, or even super-slick vehicle ads. As the price of a 30 second spot creeps to $4.5 million, stakes are getting high. I can imagine the board room pitch meeting going like this:

» Pitchman: “It will be so funny! It’s an expensive concept, but your ROI will be amazing. It is the Super Bowl!”

» Client: “Are you sure? It’s kinda dirty.”

» Pitchman (seeing the Lion slipping away): “…”

If you’ve ever tailgated at an NFL game stateside, you’ll understand it is not an environment most suited to being neat, tidy, vegetarian or sober. If advertisers are cleaning up FOOTBALL ads, well… that’s saying something.

I for one am happy. I can say with firmness: I hate the old godaddy ads. Hate. I also love the Budweiser Clydesdale ads. Love.

Soul, nostaglia, passion, caring… all things I can personally attach my personal brand to (and therefore my wallet).

I think the honeymoon is over for our super-advertisers – they have to work for results like everyone else now. And the really neat thing is, I think that it’s a sign that people are becoming more discerning with ads–and perhaps after a decade or so of accelerating production values, with louder and louder content, society has a yearning for simpler things again.

The old adage goes: if everyone is yelling, speak quietly. Perhaps quieter times are upon us.

  • Read the entire CBC article here.